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DJ and producer based in Byron and playing around Oz, from the Beach Hotel in Byron to Spleandor In The Grass festival

Matt is a very experienced DJ with all the tunes to keep you up dancing til the wee hours. Not your average 'push-button', 'chuck on a playlist' style wedding DJ, when you're ready to boogie, Matt flawlessly mixes every track into the next to create the perfect vibe for a dance-off!

'Sapote' (Feat. DJaywalker)

A booty shakin' live/DJ collaboration with percussion, drums and sax.

'Sapote' is a three piece electric mix of live drums and sax, fused with DJ Jaywalker spinning the tastiest blend of beats and treats. Their energy infectious, their grooves are delicious!

The creation of a sound from within the pulsing heart of ‘Sapote’ will have you on your feet, grooving to the organic rhythms of hand percussion, the smooth and sexy melodies from the Sax and backed by the driving force that is the electronic beat stylings of DJ Jaywalker. Let ‘Sapote’ transport you.

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